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awardWhether she is burning up the airwaves with mad mixes, doing interviews, using her vocal wizardry in a commercial or emceeing a show Sparks is the consummate professional. This voice commands your attention. It makes you STOP and LISTEN.

Pure energy in it’s RAWEST FORM, SPARKS exudes passion in entertaining whether she is wearing her DJ, Emcee, Vibes Master, Actress, Voice Over, TV Host, Producer or Writing Cap.

Jamaican born with an International attitude and flavor, Sparks is a top media professional and her name says it all. Whether igniting a new passion or exciting an audience SPARKS makes it happen. A well recognized fixture on the Jamaican entertainment landscape Sparks aka D’Wildchild stitches music of all genres together like a master bespoke tailor, pumping up audiences as a radio and club DJ. A professional host who informs and entertains, her capabilities cover a wide range of talents

  • DJ/Mixmaster and Radio Show Host. Sparks was the first female to occupy a coveted, popular afternoon timeslot on Jamaica’s oldest Radio Station, RJR 94 FM and was a frequent guest Dj on Kenya’s Homeboyz 103.5 Fm .
    She has interviewed many top artistes, politicians and public figures. Now, you can experience her burning up Jamaica’s airwaves on Zip103 FM ( www.zipfm.net ) or groove to her mixes at http://www.sparkiebaby.com/mixes/
  • TV Talent Show Host. First ever TV Host of ‘The Tastee Talent Trail’, the longest running talent show in Jamaica.
  • Emcee, Vibes Master and Outside Broadcaster. Sparks is known for emceeing with a passion and high energy that pumps up crowds, gets them involved and keeps the action moving.
  • Voiceover Specialist. Commercial voice actor whose voice you can hear daily on Jamaica’s airwaves advertising major brands and events.
  • Actress. Former mainstream character on what was one of the longest running, most popular Jamaican TV soap opera ‘Royal Palm Estate’, Sparks brought passion to the lead role of ‘Neeka’, the feisty cook.

DJ/ Mixmaster/ Emcee/ Vibesmaster/ Show Host/ Actress/ Voiceover Artist/ Music Producer, it doesn’t stop there and it never will. Sparks is also a proponent of healthy living and is pure ignition.

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